Family Tombstones
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Andrew Strain's (Sr.) monument.


Photo of the church corner stone where Andrew is buried.  He is buried in the Crabtree Baptist Church Cemetery, in the Crabtree Community, Haywood County, North Carolina.  It is north of Waynesville, NC.  It is relatively easy to find.  If you take I-40 going west just above Waynesville, get off the Interstate at Exit 24 and go north to the Crabtree Community to the Church and Cemetery.  It is well marked with signs directing people to the church and the roads are excellent.  There is now also re-access to I-40, which was not the case a few years ago.

Crabtree Church (view from cemetery)

Andrew Strain monument, distant view. Jim Parker beside Andrew's monument..
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Monument of George Bandy (Sr.)
and his wife. 
These are the grandparents of
Elizabeth Bandy Strain.

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Photo of the church corner stone that provides information about the church where they are buried.  It is Ruhama Baptist Church which is in the Bandy's Crossroads Community, near Maiden, NC in Catawba County, NC.

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Tombstones of William M. Bandy
and his wife Louisa.

William was the brother of Elizabeth (next younger one) who returned to Catawba County after a few years in Georgia and had a large family there.  He, along with William Strain, were left with Power of Attorney when George Bandy, Jr. first came to Georgia.

Photos courtesy of Jim Parker - Family Historian    email:

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